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What are Google Ranking Factors

Creating a professional website is a very important step in developing an online presence. A business's digital footprint can be a substantial determining factor in whether or not their consumer base grows. That being said, creating a website is only the first step in squeezing the sponge that is online-profit-potential. In order to gain the most benefits from the potential that the world-wide-web has created, your business's website needs to be in front of as many eyes as possible. That is the more people that view your website, the more products, and services you sell and therefore the more profit you make. A.K.A. squeezing the sponge. Most businesses understand the potential that the internet provides, but few capitalize. In this blog, we will discuss how google ranking factors can put your business in a position to succeed online.

Google Ranking Factors

Google ranking factors are characteristics of a website that affect its ranking for specific keywords. Simply put, the better a website's google ranking factors, the more keywords it ranks for, and the more traffic it receives. Google ranking factors can be anything from website speed to content optimization to the number of words in a specific area. There are hundreds of factors Google uses to rank websites for each keyword. Google has created a complex algorithm that determines the usefulness of each website for each keyword. This algorithm is the reason that when you search 'pictures of dogs', car automotive shops do not pop-up on your screen. If a business is able to maintain a large number of google ranking factors at a high level, its website will gain more traffic than a website that fails to so.

Google Ranking Factor Examples

Now that we have some background knowledge about what google ranking factors are and how they work, let's take a look at some examples...

1. Website Speed

In today's digital age, the average person doesn't have the patience to watch the loading arrow circle around itself for any more than a few seconds. Because of this, websites that take a long time to load, are going to experience high 'click-off rates'. Many users are going to become impatient and decide to try another website if your website doesn't load quickly. Google has realized this and has taken it into account so that its users don't have to. If your website takes longer to load than other competing websites then Google is not going to rank you for the keywords that you are targeting.

2. Mobile Friendliness

More people use their phones today than ever before. This is because companies like Apple and Android have made their devices so user-friendly that anyone can effectively use a smartphone's features without much trouble at all. People have become accustomed to user-friendly interfaces. Because of this, when someone is searching for an answer to a question they have on google, they expect each website to have an extraordinarily easy-to-use interface. If the website they click doesn't, they unclick and move on to the next. In most cases, users won't even read the content if they don't feel confortable using the website. This means that no matter how good, informing, and usefull your content is, in order to gain more traffic, your website needs to be user-friendly on all platforms, not just the computer.

What Are The Benefits?

Traffic! It's that simple, the more google ranking factors your website masters, the higher Google's algorithm is going to value your website. Keyword ranking will skyrocket and profit will increase. At WebSight Operations, we specialize in google ranking factor optimization. We have develoeped a process that is sure to increase traffic for any website. Visit our shop and view our SEO Packages today, if you are interested in gaining a larger consumer-base.

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