Minor Edits Include:

Text rewording

Image changing

Settings adjustments

Adding a product to store

Major Edits Include:

Adding a page

Redesigning a page

Adding products to store

SEO Adjustments Include:

Adding alt text to images

Optimizing URLs

Connecting to Google Search Console

Choose Your Maintenance Plan

  • Maintenance Plan

    Every month
    Keep your website up to date!
    • 1 minor edit, or 1 SEO adjustment
  • Maintenance Pro Plan

    Every month
    Constantly improve your site's performance!
    • 1 major edit, or 2 minor edits, or 2 SEO adjustments
  • Best Value

    Gold Plan

    Every year
    Have a WebSight Operator in your pocket 24/7!
    • Maintenance Pro Benefits+priority customer care each month!

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