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About Our Website Design

We aspire to bring your vision to life with our website design. Through a collaborative and creative process we work with you and your business to design a website that your are proud to show your customers. With our website your business will be in the optimal position to attract new customers, retain current ones, and have a flourishing digital footprint.


The Process:

   1. Connect with us and agree upon a plan of action for your project

We are available through email, text, and/or call.


   2. Agree upon business proposal

Based on our conversations we will draft a business proposal and send it to you for approval


   3. Add WebSight Operations as a collaborator to your site

When adding WebSight Operations as a collaborator/contributor to your Wix site, please enter the email address, select the role: admin, and select agency or freelancer as the point of contact.

   4. Pay the first of two 50% invoices

We request 50% "up-front" and 50% when the project is completed. We will send an invoice to an email of your choice when you are ready.


   5. Get to work

Once we've received access to your site and the first invoice we will start the editing process. Typically we will ask you to provide 2-3 links to websites you want to model your site after. Next we will draft the homepage or first few sections of your site and ask for your opinion. We will then continue editing and requesting feedback until your project is complete.


   6. Pay the second of two 50% invoices and enjoy your new site!

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