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Maintenance Plan

Monthly Edit Selection Form

The objective of this form is for us, as WebSight Operators, to gather your edit selection for the month.


For Maintenance Plan Members you have 3 options:

- 1 Minor Site Edit

- 1 SEO Adjustment

Below, select the edit you'd like this month.

Here are some things to keep in mind when making this selection:


- If you choose 'SEO Adjustments' and later in that month decide that you need a site adjustment, we will complete both in the same month. However their will either be an agreed upon edit-fee or the following month won't include any site edits or SEO adjustments. You will have to let us know which option you'd prefer prior to the site edit taking place.

- Each month we will ask you to re-submit this form so plan ahead!

Minor Edits Include:

Text rewording

Image changing

Settings adjustments

Adding a product to store

Major Edits Include:

Adding a page

Redesigning a page

Adding a collection to store

SEO Adjustments Include:

Adding alt text to images

Optimizing URLs

Connecting to Google Search Console

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