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About Our SEO Plans

We offer two separate SEO plans that target foundational and technical SEO. Each plan requires a one time payment of $100 for registration. Upon registration, we will reach out to you to confirm the purchase and inquire about your SEO goals. Each plan takes roughly a week to complete. After completion of our SEO plans you can expect to see a gradual traffic increase.

Fundamental SEO Plan

For each and every site created on Wix, a custom SEO Wiz Checklist is generated. The Fundamental SEO Plan at WebSight Operations includes the completion of that checklist. This checklist comprised Wix's fundamental recommendations for your site's SEO. Completion of this checklist will solidify the foundational SEO on your site and allow for higher growth in traffic.

Wix describes the checklist as:


"Wix provides you with all of the tools to help you optimize your site content for SEO. The Wix SEO Wiz is here to help you reach the largest audience possible while keeping all your content optimized for search engines."

Technical SEO Plan

Our Technical SEO Plan targets three advances SEO techniques.

1. HTML tags

HTML tags are coding titles that can be assigned to chunks of text that "describe" the type of text to the web browse and robots that are indexing your site. Correctly tagging the text on your site will help indexing robots in their accuracy when indexing your site, leading to higher conversion rates.

2. Keyword Targeting

After purchase of our Technical SEO Plan, we will reach out to you to confirm three keywords you'd like to rank higher for. Then we will strategically place those keywords in the optimal positions within your website to accomplish that goal.

3. Internal Link Optimization

One of the main determinants of your site's search engine optimization is interaction rate. Interaction rate is the average amount of times a user interacts with your site once they've clicked onto your site. The higher the interaction rate the better. Optimizing internal links creates a higher interaction rate and therefore leads to more optimal SEO.

We recommend purchasing the two SEO plans together in order to gain the most benefits!

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