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25 Tips and Tricks for Businesses Posting on Social Media

Social media is a great place to grow a following and promote your business or products, but it can be hard figuring out what and when you should post. This list will give you 25 tips and tricks to perfect your marketing and promotion strategies when posting on social media.

25. Be Versatile (have accounts on multiple platforms)

There are many social media platforms and each one has different demographics. This, if capitalized upon, can be very beneficial. Reaching as many potential consumers as possible is a positive. Diversifying and working multiple social media accounts on different platforms will maximize the potential for online traffic and in turn, profit. The average age of a Facebook user is 40 years old while over 60% of Instagram users are 18-29 years old. Its ideal to reach all audiences, but you should also be aware of who your demographic is and focus most of your effort to target them.

24. Post Anytime There Is A Significant Change Within Your Business

A 'significant change' could be anything from a new service or product to a new location. Social media is most commonly used to keep in touch with friends and family, but can also be used to keep in touch with businesses. Consumers that know about your business will feel more connected and willing to buy your services and products.

23. Utilize Captions

Captions are an extremely important aspect of social media posts. Often times, the caption is where you connect the post to your services and products. Captions are also a great place for a 'call to action' for your post.

22. Add Links To Your Website

Links make it quick and easy for your customers to get where you want them to be. You should want to make it as easy as possible for your viewers to get to your website. It should not be a chore for your customers to reach you, so add links.

21. Advertise Other Platforms

Often times, you will have more followers on one platform than your others. For example, if you have 100 followers on Facebook, but only around 50 followers on your platforms, you should advertise on Facebook to spread your follower base to your other platforms. You want to reach as many people as possible on every platform possible.

20. Use Different Colors

After a while, you will create a large collection of social media posts. If your collection is all the same color, it will not be attractive to your followers. A social media page should be full of different colors to grab attention to all your posts.

is all the same color, it will not be attractive to your followers. A social media page should be full of different colors to grab attention to all your posts.

19. Pick A Theme For Each Post

Although you should change it up when it comes to color, each post should have a theme and make sense. A post should not be a catalog of every shape and style possible, it should be a neat, appealing display of information.

18. Limited Time Offers To Spark Interest

Limited time offers are one of many techniques used to draw attention and encourage people to buy from your business. Consumers are more likely to buy from you if they feel they have a limited amount of time to do so. You shouldn't constantly be having limited time offers, but one every once in a while is sure to spark some interest from potential clientele.

17. Content Competition

Content competition refers to competing with successful content creators. If a company in your industry is very successful with comedy skits, try to compete. Emulate those who are successful, while still making unique content relating to your business.

16. Weekly Jokes

Weekly jokes are a fun way to keep your followers coming back each week. A joke is also a great way to make your business more personal and relatable. Relations between the company and consumers, especially on social media, do not have to be pure business. Weekly jokes can lighten the mood and make consumers more likely to buy from you.

15. Avoid Wordiness

A social media post is most effective when it is simple and easy to understand. Most people scrolling through social media are burning out the clock, wasting time. They aren't there to read an essay or an article, they are there to entertain themselves for a short amount of time. That means cool pictures, interesting short stories, and profound ideas are what you should be presenting.

14. Fit The Audience Of The Platform

As previously mentioned, different platforms are home to different audiences. Instagram tends to be more for younger generations, while the average Facebook user is 40 years old. Advertising the newest and coolest up-to-date phone will most likely be more successful on Instagram than on Facebook. Keep things like this in mind when posting and advertising.

13. Put Yourself In Their Shoes

This tip is simple. Put yourself in the mind of a social media user. Is your post interesting? Is it helpful? Is it attractive? If not, it probably won't be very successful in advertising your business. The perspective changes vastly between a consumer and you. Make sure your posts are appealing to consumers, not just to you.

12. Add A Call To Action

Adding a call to action to your posts can not only be exciting and interesting to read about, but it can also make the customers' life easier. By telling them what they should do, they have to think less about other options. A call to action encourages people to do what you want and discourages doing what you don't want.

11. Constantly Brainstorm New Ideas

If you're like us, you have a planned time to work on social media posts or anything else you need to do. You might have a tight schedule and a limited amount of time for each activity. That is why it is important to constantly think of ideas, especially because some of the best ideas can come about when doing something completely unrelated. If you see something on the internet, ask yourself if it can be used in a social media post. Doing this with everything you see will make creating posts a much easier activity.

10. Stick To A Theme for your Page

We previously told you to switch up the colors every once in a while to make your page interesting. While this still is true, you should also stick to a theme for your entire account/page. For example, if you want to be seen as professional, keep all your posts nice and neat, no matter what. But if you want to be a more friendly, fun business you can make your posts to convey that message. Whatever you choose to be, stick to it. Consumers won't understand the message your posts are supposed to give if it changes frequently. Be clear and concise when sharing your posts.

9. Be Creative

Consumers are looking at social media every single day. Because of this, it is important to be unique. You don't want to blend in and be 'just another company' on social media. Make your page and your name mean something. Make your posts stand out from the rest, while still being effective. It might take some time to figure out, but some practice will make the process much easier.

8. Get A Team To Help

The bigger your business gets, the more work you're going to need to put in. At a certain point, it becomes too much for one person. Getting a team allows you to split work as well as combine brainpower and creativity. A team will dramatically increase the quality and quantity of work you put out, leading to a much more successful online presence.

7. Post During Busy Times

Most studies show that the most active time is on weekends, so plan your posts around that time. The best time to post is when most people are active on the app. So avoid posting mid-week when the least the number of people will see it.

6. Make It Simple And Easy To Read

Posts should have few words in big fonts and multiple images to convey your message. Posts should rarely have multiple full sentences. Stick to things like bullet points rather than sentences to make it clearer and easier to read. Use images and graphics to draw attention to the important parts of your post.

5. Plan Ahead

Scheduling what to post and when can make your life significantly easier. Trying to rush out a post leaves you with a lower quality post than you could have, and can also be a very difficult task. Try to plan your posts with events going on within your business, such as posting when you introduce a new service or product.

4. Don't Be Afraid To Take Inspiration

If you are stuck with 'creators block' look around for inspiration. Checking out other business posts can inspire you and create ideas in your head. You should not be ashamed to emulate successful businesses, as long as you continue to bring your own touch. As long as you make it your own in some way, taking inspiration is okay.

3. Quality Over Quantity

Many people get in the mindset: "If I just throw a bunch of stuff out, I'll get more attention." This is usually not the case. The quality of posts usually has a much greater influence on online success than quantity. One great post is going to grab more attention from consumers than 10 bad ones. So try to make each post high quality, rather than treating it as busy work.

2. Know Your Audience

We already know that each platform has different age groups and lifestyles and that you should adjust your content accordingly. But we encourage you to research before posting. You should know your audience, and what you want your audience to be. A car company is not going to have the same wanted audience as a toy company. Know what your audience is, as well as what you want it to be.

1. Sharpen Up On Some Marketing Techniques

When it comes to modern marketing on the internet, this blog is just the tip of the iceberg. We, WebSight Operations, challenge you to sharpen up your techniques, do your own research. Figure out what works best for you. And if you're struggling, visit our website and contact us to learn what we can offer you and your business.

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