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About Our Custom Promotional Products

Physical products are an essential element of a well-rounded marketing campaign. That's why WebSight Operations strives to deliver high-quality physical branding tools to businesses like yours! Having an eye-catching business card at the ready when you run into a potential customer could be the difference between a sale or another interested customer that never makes the leap to purchase.


In order to provide high-quality, affordable, promotional products, we have partnered with Vistaprint as a part of their Vistaprint Reseller Program. The program gives us access to a wide range of products at a reduced price which means you get a price reduction too! 


The Process:

   1. Purchase your desired product from the WebSight Operation’s Custom Promotional Products Shop

Browse a wide variety of products in our shop and purchase the product(s) that best suit your needs. Need a specific type of product that you don’t see in our shop? Submit a custom order form! Upon purchase, you will receive a restocking coupon up to $40 for your next purchase.

   2. Work closely with us until we have designed the perfect product for your needs

After purchasing your desired promotional products, we will reach out to you and begin the design process. First, we will gather a basic description of what you’d expect to receive as the final project. Next, we will assemble a rough draft of the product and send a preview for inspection. Lastly, we will make edits based on your feedback until the design is up to your standards and ready to order. 


   3. We will send the order to Vistaprint and you will receive your products in no time

From this point on, your job is simple: Sit back and wait for a neat package to arrive at your doorstep. Vistaprint offers direct shipping (3-8 business days) and a 30-day return policy so you can be sure you get what you pay for. 


   4. Market your business and enjoy your high-quality products

Wear, sell, or distribute your branded products to spread the word about your business' products and/or services. Again, having the right promotional product at your disposal can make or break a potential sale.

​   5. Restock 

When you’re ready, restock your promotional products on our website and take advantage of our restocking coupon. Because the design of your promotional product is already completed, when you restock from our website we will waive the design fee included in your first purchase. This saves you $20-40 dollars on all future purchases if you use the same design!

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