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About Our Accessibility Plan

WebSight Operations is certified through the Wix Accessibility Training Program. This certification shows our willingness and capability to make our sites accessible to everyone regardless of their auditory, visual, motor, or cognitive ability. 

Accessibility - WebSight Operations.png

With this certification, we have the capability to perform accessibility audits on any Wix site and correct errors that may make your site unusable by certain users.

The Process

 1. Confirm Purchase

Upon registration, we will reach out to you and gather the information and access necessary to conduct the accessibility audit.

 2. Perform the Accessibility Audit

We will then use Wix's Accessibility Audit tool to scan your website for accessibility issues

3. Correct Issues

Next, we will work with you to correct the errors on your site 

4. Create Custom Accessibility Statement

Lastly, we will create a custom accessibility statement and add it to your site

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